AstraCon 2021

AstraCon 2021 will be our first annual event held exclusively for current and future Holders!

This event will be hosted at Singer Castle in the Thousand Islands Region. Tickets include a tour of the castle, dinner cruise on the Alexandria Grand Belle, and our very own guest speaker, Keir Weimer. In addition, investors will have first-look into Astra’s very own exchange, access directly with our owners and team, and a great networking opportunity.

Tickets are LIMITED! Make sure to secure your tickets for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be apart of the future.

Tickets can be found at


Manual Burns

Our team decided on predetermined manual burns to maximize profits and rewards to holders. These will be announced periodically for complete transparency.

*Will increase Burning % overtime to keep up with demand*

Rewards 5%

Receive rewards just by holding your position. Everytime a user sells, 5% is redistributed to all current holders. We will allocate an additional 2% for charities and contributuions.

LP 5%

The liquidity pool helps create higher floors limitting the influence of larger investors. 5% of all transactions will be automatically transferred into the liquidity pool increasing ASTRA’s value.

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