Astra Holdings WhitePaper

Rewards, Manual Burning, Liquidity Pool, Charity/Contributions

Astra was developed with the main purpose of becoming the first interplanetary currency. The token’s economics (‘tokenomics’) were thoroughly weighed to best benefit long-term holders, with the purpose of deterring short-term position holders. Our passions include space exploration with predetermined contributions to SpaceX as well as many other space programs. On top of space exploration, we have designated funds to allocate to orphanages implemented in our third phase.

10% Transaction Fee Chart



Rewards (5%), Liquidity Pool (5%), Manual Burning, and Charity/Contributions (2%) which is covered by our team to achieve our vision.



Rewards were established to retain long-term investors with ample rewards from those who sell. This mechanism was created to prevent the down-ward pressure put on Astra by early adopters selling their positions. This reward program allocates five percent of the seller’s tokens to the current investors, which is why we encourage long-term investments only.

Manual Burns
The founders incorporated a manual burn option in an attempt to maximize profits and rewards for the holders. This allows us to track and record the number of tokens burned effectively and accurately. The main purpose in manually burning is to strategically burn tokens to reward our long-term community members.

Liquidity Pool
Astra created a contract that draws tokens from both the seller upon sale and the buyer upon purchase. This adds five percent of all trades to the liquidity pool raising the price floor further limiting the holder’s risk. This proves to be a long-term benefit for the community, meanwhile discouraging whales from selling their tokens. The increasing LP helps avoid larger dips with the intent of reaching higher highs.

Our token was developed with two goals: (1) to further space exploration becoming the first interplanetary currency, and (2) to give back to our community (holders and charities). Two percent of all sales will be allocated to these programs with its main focus on companies and projects such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc.
We are confident that with our new innovative tokenomics we will provide a more stable token, furthermore, achieving our goals and growing our community.

“The Future Awaits!”

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